The goal of Latvian Association of Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (LARPAS) is to bring together, coordinate and provide support to different stakeholders - RPAS operators, recreational users, manufacturers, insurers, training organizations, research and development centres, as well as rulemaking and enforcement authorities, in order to promote safe and responsible use of RPAS and overall development of this sector.


Unmanned aircraft, regardless of their size, configuration and use, is an aircraft which is intended to operate with no pilot on board. They are divided into two main categories: autonomous and remotely piloted aircrafts.

Fully autonomous unmanned aircraft operates without a possibility of human intervention, while remotely piloted aircraft is controlled from a remote pilot station (even when conducting automatic flight) to ensure safe and successful flight operation.

Remotely Piloted Aircraft System (RPAS) - A remotely piloted aircraft, its associated remote pilot station(s), the required command and control links and any other components as specified in the type design.

Drone - refers mainly to an “unmanned aircraft which is mostly used in a military context” while it is used to designate any type of aerial unmanned vehicle in the common language. Even professionals are calling unmanned aircraft a drone instead of any other official term in the day to day jargon when speaking with general public.

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13:00 - Degree filming and streming | Norberts Osītis, Telia Latvija

13:30 Vizmatic Narratology in 360 3D Cinema | Aigars Ceplītis, RISEBA
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LARPAS Biedru SPH Engineering demonstrācija pašu izstrādātajai lidojumu plānošanas programmatūrai UgCS DDC, kas vienlaicīgi ļauj kontrolēt vairākus dronus.
Drone swarm flight demonstration by LARPAS members SPH Engineering using their mission planning software UgCS DDC.The 20 drone swarm mission is created and managed by UgCS DDC v.2.0 by one operator (one computer). UgCS DDC enables event organisers to create stunning outd...
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