EASA “UAS Workshop”

EASA “UAS Workshop” In order to receive an initial feedback from stakeholders and in order to facilitate the commenting on the NPA, on July 5, 2017, EASA  organised “UAS Workshop” which took place at Cologne, Germany. LARPAS participated there to receive the latest information and represent the interests of Latvian UAS industry. Commercial UAV Expo

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Commercial UAV Expo Europe 2017

Commercial UAV Expo Europe 2017 From 20-22 June, the SQUARE Brussels Exhibition Centre in Brussels, Belgium, was the scene of Commercial UAV Expo Europe, the trade fair and conference on the integration of drones for major industrial & commercial applications.  It counted over 500 visitors from 50 different countries and 52 exhibiting companies which presented

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Drone Hero Europe 2017

Europe awards its Drone Heroes On June 22, an international jury, including LARPAS representative – Ilmars Ozols, selected five unique drone projects to be the 2017 European Drone Heroes. The public chose his own favorite project during an online voting poll. The awards were given by Belgian Defence Minister Steven Vandeput during the final of

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Riga Photo Show 2016

Participation at Riga Photo Show 2016 During the international exhibition „Riga Photo Show 2016” (October 21-23) LARPAS representatives Ilmars Ozols and Janis Kuze did lectures to familiarize participants with the upcoming regulations for safe and legal use of unmanned aircraft systems (drones) in Latvia and Europe.

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Certificate Issuance

Certificates issuance On September 9, 2016 LARPAS members, who participated in the meeting, received certificates that confirms that they are official members of Latvian Association of Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems. During the meeting participants were able to hear the LARPAS Board presentation, answers from Latvian CAA to previously asked questions, talk about actual problems and

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“RPAS 2016” Conference

“RPAS 2016” Conference On 22 & 23 June 2016 the second biannual “RPAS 2016” conference organized by LARPAS cooperation organization “UVS International” took place in Brussels, Belgium. It is the one & only European Civil RPAS Operators’ Forum. A representative from our association Ilmars Ozols also went there to find out the latest tendencies. 34

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Drone Safety Flyer

Drone Safety Flyer As a part of LARPAS campaign “Fly safe and legal” in cooperation with S/A “Civila aviation agancy” and “DJI Latvija” a drone safety flyer has been developed as an informative material for all RPAS (drone) users. Download LV version: (PDF)|(JPEG) Our association keeps working on the development of effective system for safe

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Negotiations With Insurers

LARPAS Negotiations With Insurers On the 5th of May there was a meeting held at Riga International Airport, in which representatives from S/A “Civil Aviation Agency”, “Latvian Insurers Association”, as well as representatives from “Latvian Association of Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems” took part. During the meeting participants discussed questions regarding RPAS insurance possibilities. Rapid growth

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RPAS CivOps 2016

Participation at conference “RPAS CivOps 2016” On 19 & 20 January 2016 the “RPAS CivOps 2016” conference took place in the conference centre at Royal Military Academy (RMA) in Brussels, Belgium. It is the one & only European Civil RPAS Operators’ Forum. LARPAS representative Ilmars Ozols also went there to find out the latest tendencies.

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