LARPAS is a non-profit association registered in Riga, Latvia. It is recognized as a representative of Latvian remotely piloted aircraft systems community and represents the interests of its Members in Latvia and worldwide. 


  • Communication network establishment between Association members, as well as involvement of international partners;
  • Communication establishment with essential target groups;
  • Participation in local and international partnerships and events organized by our partners.


36 EUR

Anyone interested in RPAS for recreational purposes.




– information provision regarding RPAS legislation in Latvia;

– help in understanding and interpretation of RPAS legislation concerned;

– new contacts between LARPAS members and local/international cooperation partners;

– access to the reports provided by the Board:

* what the Board has accomplished;

* what are their plans for the future;

* financial reports;

– opportunity to take part in LARPAS Working groups;

– opportunity to participate in open LARPAS meetings for Members;

– to have a right to vote in meetings, discussions, elections etc.

– opportunity to represent the association or do something on behalf of it in local and international events.


360 EUR

Manufacturers, research & development organisations, operators supplying aerial work services (commercial/non-commercial/corporate), companies and organizations supplying goods or services for customers connected with RPAS.

(in addition to benefits received by natural person)

– support in communications with Latvian CAA and other institutions concerned;

– placement of company’s logo and description on LARPAS webpage;

– advertisement at social networks and events with LARPAS participation;

– communication establishment with essential target groups;

– access to specific information provided by other companies and partner organization (in order to protect companies from sharing their business info among natural persons).