“RPAS 2016” Conference

Konference "RPAS 2016"
“RPAS 2016” Conference

“RPAS 2016” Conference

On 22 & 23 June 2016 the second biannual “RPAS 2016” conference organized by LARPAS cooperation organization “UVS International” took place in Brussels, Belgium. It is the one & only European Civil RPAS Operators’ Forum. A representative from our association Ilmars Ozols also went there to find out the latest tendencies. 34 speakers during two days covered following topics:

  • Regulatory & Organisational Matters;
  • Policy & Regulations;
  • Awareness Creation;
  • Societal Matters;
  • Standards;
  • Applications;
  • Experimentation, Research & Development.

In the framework of the conference the first result of project “DroneRules” was represented – new web site www.drone-rules.eu. We would like to mention that during the development process one of the involved parties was also our association. The main objective of this web site is to promote awareness and facilitate understanding of the regulatory framework applicable to light RPAS operations in Europe in the areas of privacy and data protection, safety and operation, liability and insurance both for recreational and professional drone (RPAS) users. This is only the first stage of the website and it will be updated in following months.

Short time ago a survey between stakeholders of RPAS industry in Europe has been conducted to gather information on insurance requirements and availability in the 28 countries of the European Union as well as Iceland, Norway and Switzerland, in relation with the operation of drones within said countries. The results were unexpected. Also we did express opinion about situation in Latvia and the collaboration with “Latvian Insurers Association” will be kept up to make RPAS insurance services in Latvia more accessible with affordable and easy-to-understand conditions.

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